Trollian/IC Contact
Dot fucking dot

D --> What is it that you want

((Equius doesn't have an email or a phone - he just uses IMs like this. You may or may not catch him online at the moment, but he'll reply!))

Permissions post?
Homestuck is still in progress, and there are a number of people who dislike it! It is also kind of annoying with its stupid Courier and colored text. Therefore, you can reply to this (screened comments) post if you would like Equius to:

1. Not reply in troll font/color. In-universe, it'll be assumed that he's doing the D --> thing and the color/font as usual, but I just won't type it out.
2. Not spoiler you.
3. Not reply to your characters.

Comments are screened for your privacy and comfort.

[That is one impressive group of robots that Equius is snarling and destroying one by one, or occasionally two by two. They might have posed a challenge, had Equius not been so utterly pissed off at the time.

Suffice it to say that a whole swarm of robots, all activated at the same time, are getting laid to waste.]


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