Equius Zahhak (centaursTesticle) (stronghighfive) wrote,
Equius Zahhak (centaursTesticle)

Trollian/IC Contact

D --> What is it that you want

((Equius doesn't have an email or a phone - he just uses IMs like this. You may or may not catch him online at the moment, but he'll reply!))
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CC: I )(ave a request and I t)(ink it's somet)(ing t)(at only you'd be able to )(elp me wit)(!
CC: Because you're really smart and an awesome problem solver guy!
CC: )(e)(e)(e.
CC: So, can you )(elp me? 38O
D --> Abso100tely
D --> I will assist you in any way that I can, highb100d
D --> Feferi
D --> It's a habit
CC: )(e)(e, it's okay!
CC: Anyway, so my question is about robotics.
CC: And )(ow you're kind of reely awesome at it!
CC: I mean, you did make Aradia after all.
CC: So I was wondering if you could make ot)(er wonderfoam t)(ings!
CC: Per)(aps smaller and more squis)(y and cuttley.
CC: Maybe a bit silly and always escaping from t)(eir cages...
CC: Somet)(ing like t)(at?
D --> Of course I can, for you
D --> It's a departure from what my usual programming, but I am more than capable of it
D --> C001d you give me some time to create them
CC: Yay, t)(ank you so very very very V-------------------ERY muc)(!
D --> I said I w001d
D --> I c001d never lie to you, not for a second
D --> I'll have them ready as soon as I can